Your rental


You are renting our private Villa Guesthouse, depending on your needs, 1 to 3 Bedrooms total (up to 6 Bedrooms if combined with Guest-Wing).

The Guesthouse will not be shared with other tenants. We just give you the option to rent 1 to 3 Bedrooms. The other Bedrooms will be locked off and you will only pay and use the amount of Bedrooms you requested. Of course the rest of the 1600 square foot Guesthouse, including kitchen and living room, is at your personal and private usage, no other tenant will be sharing the inside while you are staying as our guest.

Guesthouse and Guest-Wing are on opposite sides of the mansion. This gives you the maximum amount of privacy. The entire Guest area is equipped with all bedding linens as well as regular towels. Any kinds of beach towels have to be provided by the renter. Numerous TV’s as well as a DVD player and CD Stereo System together with wireless internet are part of the technical equipment of the house.

The large open Guesthouse kitchen features high end custom wood cabinetry, exotic granites and stainless steel appliances, toaster oven and coffee maker are of course offered as well. The entire Guesthouse features 24 inch Saturnia marble flooring including the 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 3 Walk in Closets, Kitchen and Living Room.

If you need more space, want to rent the main residence as well or simply need to personalize your rental, please contact us in writing with your request. We host weddings, private parties and photo shoots and can work out anything you would like.